Based on the vision of the Batterjee Medical College platform and its goals, which can be formulated simply in the college’s endeavor to become its electronic platform as an effective window to get to know the college and the services it provides, as well as being an appropriate environment for spreading knowledge and a field for exchanging experiences at the local and international levels, which would enrich the educational process And as the platform administration is making every effort to provide a high-quality service to all beneficiaries and puts the confidentiality of their information at the top of the list of priorities, the administration has set a number of principles that must be observed by the platform user in order to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of his information, noting that these The principles, among them, constitute an instrument of privacy and confidentiality of information.
Visitors to the platform must constantly review the privacy document and the terms and principles it contains to ensure the confidentiality of information in order to identify any updates that take place on it, noting that the platform administration is not required to announce any updates made to these terms and principles, and your use of the platform means that you have read and agreed to these Conditions and principles and the continuous amendments thereto.

Information Security

A privacy and confidentiality of information document has been prepared to help visitors and users understand the nature of the data that is collected from them when visiting the platform and how to deal with it.
The platform administration takes appropriate and appropriate measures and measures to preserve the personal information that it has and keep it securely in order to ensure its protection from loss, unauthorized access, abuse, or unauthorized modification and disclosure, and among the most important measures in place in the platform administration to protect the visitor's personal information the following:
• Strict procedures and measures to protect the security of information and the technology that we use to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems. • Regular and periodic updating of protection procedures and controls that meet or exceed the standards. • Qualifying the platform’s employees and workers and training them to respect the confidentiality of personal information for the platform’s visitors and visitors.

Data collection

• Once the user visits the Batterjee Medical College platform, the college’s server records the user’s IP address, date and time of the visit, and the URL of any Platform from which you are referred to the college’s platform. • Most Platforms, as soon as they are visited, place a small file on the visitor's hard drive (the browser). This file is called "cookies", and cookies are text files, and some of the sites you visit deposit them on the hard drive of your computer, these text files contain information that allows the site that deposited it to retrieve it when needed during the user's next visit to the site, and from this saved information:      - Remember username and password - as per the user’s consent      - Save page settings, if available on the platform      - Not allowing the ability to vote more than once for the same user • If you use a direct application or send an email to the platform administration or to any of the college departments through the electronic platform of Batterjee Medical College in order to provide us with personal data, we may send the necessary data with other authorities or departments, in order to serve you more effectively. Note that we will not send your personal data with non-government agencies unless it is from the authorized authorities within the competent authorities to perform specific government services. By submitting your data and personal information through the college’s platform, you fully acknowledge your consent to storing, processing and using that data by the college. We reserve the right at all times to disclose any information to the competent authorities, when it is necessary to comply with any law, regulation or governmental request. • You are solely responsible for the completeness, correctness and authenticity of the data that you send through this platform.

Open an account in the platform

1- Users of the platform can access some of the information bases or services provided by the platform, after receiving the user name and password for the college, or that are determined in coordination with the platform’s administration or by registering with the platform directly. The user can be asked to add or update some personal information, and the user can amend any of his account data whenever he wants or even cancel it at any time he wishes to do so. 2- Like any other information collected about the platform’s users, the user’s account information will be used to authenticate the user’s personality and protect his account. It is also possible for this information to be shared with any other Platforms of the Batterjee Medical College platform. 3- We aim to collect any information about the platform users for scientific and research purposes, and to develop the college’s services in general and the services provided through the platform in particular. This is part of its role in strengthening the college’s relationship with students and society.

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